Aloha Wallpaper
The Nida Jahain Line An effortless way to bring the lush darkness of the tropics into your home with this hand-painted "Aloha" wallpaper. A moody blend of green leaves lends a sense of drama to any room! 19-inch panel design...
£5.00 from £1.00
Blush Garden Wallpaper
The Nida Jahain Line With its hand-painted pink blush flowers, "Blush Garden" brings a subtle, feminine charm to any space, giving it a touch of sweetness! 19-inch panel design and available in heights from 2 - 20 feet Choose between...
£5.00 from £1.00
Fleur Blanche Wallpaper
The Nida Jahain Line "Fleur Blanche" is perfect for adding a graceful touch to any living space. Crafted with hand-painted purple and white flowers, this wallpaper will add a subtle yet stunning design element to any home! 19-inch panel design...
£5.00 from £1.00
Virdis Wallpaper
The Nida Jahain Line "Virdis" features hand-painted green leaves, creating an airy, tranquil nature scene. Perfect for every home, this design gives an uplifting, natural vibe to any room! Enjoy a breath of fresh air with "Virdis"! 19-inch panel design...
£5.00 from £1.00
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