Artist Mural Artboard Instructions

Step 1: Prepare Full Empty Artboard

  • Start by creating an artboard that is 30 inches in height and 60 inches in width (5 feet). This will be the base for your mural design.

Step 2: Split the Artboard into Three Sections

  • Divide this artboard into three equal sections, each being 30 inches in height and 20 inches wide. These will be your left, middle, and right sections.

Step 3: Design Middle Section

  • Focus on designing the middle section of the artboard. This design should be the central element that will guide the pattern for the other two sections.

Step 4: Split the Middle Design by Cutting It

  • Once the middle section design is complete, slice it down the middle. This will create two halves that will be used to ensure the pattern can repeat seamlessly.

Step 5: Combine the Incomplete Ends

  • Take the two halves from the middle section and swap their positions to the outer edges of the left and right sections. The left half goes to the right end of the right section, and the right half goes to the left end of the left section.

Step 6: Complete the Design and Ensure Seamless Ends

  • Now, design the incomplete parts of the left and right sections, ensuring that the patterns align seamlessly with the halves moved from the middle section. The goal is to have a design that can be repeated without visible breaks.

Step 7: Bring Middle Sections Back Together

  • After the left and right sections are complete, bring the split halves of the middle section back together. Ensure that the design matches up perfectly, creating a seamless continuous pattern when the sections are placed side by side.

The complete artist piece will be sent to be scanned in, upscaled, and prepared for our website to be purchased as wallpaper prints! Congrats! For questions please reach out to